Curtain Walling

Be Sure to Have a Great Façade

A curtain wall is the outer “envelope” of a building Glass/Aluminium panels used in design and architecture to enhance, colour or compliment the look of a building. During the construction of a building and the vacating of tenants the curtain walling can get damaged, holes drilled, scratched and dented, or existing curtain walling can often need a refresh depending on the wear and tear.

This can be rectified without the costs of replacement.

Axe Construction Group take care of Commercial and Residential, exterior and interior Aluminium panel repairs & refresh.

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Commercial Aluminium Repairs & Protective Coatings

Specialising in Clear Anodising, ACM (Aluminium Composite Materials) Panel Repairs. Alpolic Materials. Balustrade Repairs. Painting of Lift Doors. Aluminium External Building Panel Repairs & more…