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Axe Construction Group is an all round Rectification company that thinks quickly on its feet and delivers on time solutions to all of your rectification needs all around Australia. Replacement is no longer relevant !

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Aluminium Cladding

Axe Construction Group takes great care in removing dents, scratches and smoothing out damaged aluminium panels.

Balustrades & Handrails

Axe Construction Group carries out all types of Balustrading and railing rectifications and repairs with protective coatings.

Curtain Walling

Envelope which enhances, colours or compliments the façade of your building …

Lift Doors

Lift Doors are where first impressions are made for new employees, business owners and their visitors.

Tac Tiles

Keep your building in code. Tac tiles are an essential part of the compliance project.


Epoxy Floors and Vinyl floors. Everything handled professionally.


We handle all of your electroplating rectification needs & assist with a full range of finishes.

Silicon & Caulking

Axe Construction Group makes sure all Silicon Caulking defects are rectified to the highest of standard.

Anodised Aluminium

When damaged, clear anodised aluminium can look very unsightly. Axe Construction Group rectifies all imperfections, leaving you with a like-new finish.

Glass Polishing

We have years of experience in restoring glass panels. We remove scratches, grinding sparks and stains during Commercial Building Restorations in Sydney.

French Polishing

French Polishing. Timber Floor Restoration. Timber Panelling Restoration. Timber Commercial Fit-Out Restoration. Heritage Building Restoration.


Link to our Gallery to see the quality of our work across Australia. Commercial Building Restoration. Wood, Floor, Wall, Balustrading & Lift Restoration.

Our Recent Projects

Commercial Aluminium Repairs & Protective Coatings

Specialising in Clear Anodising, ACM (Aluminium Composite Materials) Panel Repairs. Alpolic Materials. Balustrade Repairs. Painting of Lift Doors. Aluminium External Building Panel Repairs & more…